Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pantai Medical

Semalam my hubby kena gi ambil ubat ngan doctor dia kat pantai medical centre...sambil tu dia singgah sekali kat klinik untuk double confirm email yang diterima, dia nak pastikan doctor yang ada cos aku requies nak doctor perempuan n aku dah dpt jawapan dia dan nanti nak buat appointment ngan doctor.

Dear Mr Mulod,

Thank you on your inquiry and for considering Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur as your healthcare provider.

Should you have the decided your wife to deliver in our hospital, we strongly advise that your wife should make an appointment the soonest possible to see any one of our O&G Consultant after obtaining her ante-natal report from her current doctor. The O&G Consultant should be aware of the history of your wife ante-natal progression before delivery in order for the consultant to advise the appropriate method of delivery and also in the event of an early labour, her records would have been safely kept on standby in the hospital and easily assessable before her delivery.

For deliveries, the estimate charges are as below:-

Delivery Type Room Type Estimate Charges (RM)

Normal Single 2500 – 6000

Double / 4-bedded 1500 – 3000

Caesarean Section Single 6000 – 9700

Double / 4-bedded 5500 – 7600

As for the Delivery Package offered by Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, the total price for both mother and baby is at RM2688 (4-bedded) or RM 2788 (2-bedded). This scheme only covers for normal delivery and it includes:

1. Normal spontaneous vertex delivery conducted by the Obstetrician

2. Normal care of the newborn in the nursery by a Paediatrician

3. 3 days, 2 nights stay in 4 bedded room / 2 bedded room plus meals

Terms and conditions

1. Additional charges will be incurred for the following:

. Diagnostic or added blood test

. Additional medications

. Epidural

. Other modes of delivery

2. The following conditions are not covered:

. Forceps/ vacuum delivery

. Accelerated and induced labour

. Multiple birth

. LSCS or any complications

. Baby's admission to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

. Phototherapy

Should any complication arise, the fees will be charged at normal rates and the package price will be invalidated.

Consultants in the panel for this scheme are:

Dr Idris 03-2296 0438

Dr (Mrs) Maheswaran 03-2296 0433

Dr M Narayanan 03-2296 0443

Dr Wong Sum Keong 03-2296 0733/734

Please feel free to email me for further details or any other information that you may require.


Liza Mamat

Business Development Unit

03-2296 0502

rasa ok jugak la harga dia....

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